Venture Aviator is an innovative IT services company that focuses specifically on tech startups and high-growth companies. Venture Aviator significantly increases both the efficiency and profitability of its clients by allowing them to fully leverage cost-effective, high-level global IT teams at a much earlier growth stage than has traditionally been possible.

Venture Aviator allows startups and high growth companies to instantly achieve significant cost savings of up to 50% in their IT budgets at a crucial stage in their growth lifecycle. Furthermore Venture Aviator also incorporates a unique equity-for-IT payment option that allows clients to reduce their costs even further with potential savings of up to 70%. These significant cost savings are coupled with top quality work delivered by an experienced, highly motivated IT team that is personally vested in the long-term success of the project and the client company. The other key differentiator that Venture Aviator offers for its clients is the ability to scale projects and pivot innovative products quickly to match the dynamic pace of fast-growing client company and the technology marketplace.

Venture Aviator provides key benefits to both companies and their current investors:

  • Delivers the highest quality IT work for below-market prices
  • Reduces risk the company will run out of cash
  • Accelerates product time-to-market and ROI
  • Reduces or delays the need for an extra financing round
  • Creates a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Frees cash for other critical growth activities such marketing and sales
  • Offers a range of IT skill-sets including web development (PHP, Ruby on Rails), enterprise development (.Net, Java) and mobile apps (iPhone, Android, Windows)
  • Provides immediate access to top IT talent, which in turn reduces cost and time spent on handling IT recruitment, management and staff turnover issues.